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Middletown, NY, 10940

(845) 386-9738
– Dog Team: Ext. 2
– Cat Team:  Ext. 3


Daily: 10 am – 4 pm (EST)


Featured Letter – Today's Youth

OK, so today I want to tell you about Tess and Liam.   They come down here a few days a week with their mom, Honor, to volunteer and walk the dogs, hand out toys or treats, or whatever else needs some doing around here.  They also adopted TWO dogs from us (one CRAZY...

Featured Letter – The Kittens

So Kerry is on vacation, freezing her butt off on her motorcycle in Canada or some such thing, and I’m trying to relax a little in my hammock at home by reading a book.  I get a frantic call from Janet.  It seems there are some kittens that were on a transport,...

Letter of the Month – Dear Houma

We received this letter in the mail this week along with a bunch of donations. It was too precious not to share.  Houma is a dog that had battery acid poured all over him.  He was also tied to a pickup truck and left to die during Hurricane Gustav.   Rescuers got him...

Lily Palmieri – A special kid

Got a great letter a few months ago and I keep meaning to put it up but I misplaced the picture that went with it. JUST FOUND it….as you can see the picture is PRICELESS!!! I HAD to find it in order to post this fabulous letter. Note that the markups on the...

Thank you to Lisa Lyons class!

We received this letter from teacher Lisa Lyons, earlier this week and today she showed up with tons of donations for us! She did all the shopping which is a great bonus for us. I remember this class very well. They were really enthusiastic, participated greatly in...
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