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Help us heal their broken hearts.

Becky, Executive Director

We make a promise to every animal that comes through our doors and becomes part of the Pets Alive family: You will always have a place, you will always be loved, and we will do everything we can to see you happy.

The past few weeks have been hard on staff. In some worlds, that would mean workloads and deadlines. In our world, that means seeing a senior dog losing their family, being given away without even a backward glance from the people who were supposed to love them. Watching their spirit leave them as the only family they have known for years turns their backs and walks away. Each day a little bit more hope vanishing from their eyes, as it starts to sink in that their family is not coming back for them, even as they sit and watch at the front of their kennels. Listening to their whimpers as they spend another night in a kennel instead of at the foot of a bed. The confusion in their eyes as their “owners” hand off their leash and they are walked from their world of warm beds, cozy carpeting and their own human into the world of a homeless pet: concrete, steel and barking dogs.

But this story is not about the people who failed Lexi, Kara and Heath. This is the story about their next chapter that we hope will include you in their corner, fighting along with us to find them a family who will love them — gray muzzles and all.


“Just Love Me” Lexi was a beloved pet for 8 years with a family and children to call her own. Now she is looking for a true hero as she enters the last part of her life. A victim of divorce and financial struggles, Lexi’s medical care was not a priority for her family. Now back with us, we are making it our number-one priority and are hoping for the best for this lovable senior. Lexi leans in to us, as if she just can’t get enough love. Lexi is housebroken, walks great on leash, and has lived with children, another dog and two cats. She does have an ugly looking mass on her back that we were told has more than tripled in size in the past few months. While we work on her medical needs, we are looking for a hero to step up and take this sweet 10-year-old senior into their hearts and home. Will you be Lexi’s hero?


Sweet, gentle soul Heath just wants to be loved. You can see his eyes light up when someone gives him the affection he is craving. He walks great on leash and is so happy when it is his turn for a walk. He does fine with low-energy dogs his own size and would do best in a home with older children, as the young ones seem to scare him. Heath was adopted as a puppy 5 years ago and had a great life until his owner moved away and left him behind; now, after living in a home, he finds himself living in the whole new world of a dog kennel.


Don’t let those gray hairs fool you! Kara is just 7 years young and can keep up with the youngsters. This lady loves everyone she meets. Kara is that girl who wants nothing more than to be the center of your world! She will reward you with a gentle paw, many kisses and her unconditional love. She does have just one request: that she be your one and only four-legged friend, as she just doesn’t like to share the spotlight and affection, but can you really blame a girl?

Do you have what it takes to be a hero? We think you do! Lexi, Heath and Kara are waiting at Pets Alive for their heroes. Please don’t make them wait long — they need you! Wonder if you have what it takes? Email our adoption team at adoptions@petsalive.org, who will happily answer any and all questions. Pets Alive is open 7 days a week. Just come on in and tell us you are ready to be a HERO!

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