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So in the midst of everything else going on, all the battles, and wars, and adoptions, and conferences, and life in general, I opened the mail this month to two really great letters. Oddly enough they were both from kids. Kids. Our future. The next generation. The ones that may be able to accomplish what we are struggling for – A No Kill Nation. And I think they can do it. I think they just might be able to do it based on letters like these.
The first is from Evan W. I thought about re-typing it but I think other than removing his last name and address, I am posting the letter in entirety. Attached was a $500 check.


The second letter is from a person that mailed us last year too on her birthday. That is Lily Palmieri. Every year she has a birthday and asks all her friends to donate money to Pets Alive instead of giving her gifts. She collects them all, takes a picture of everyone and sends it to us. I’m always touched and honored that she chooses us and always very choked up when I read her sweet letter. You can click here to see her letter and picture from last year.
So this year she writes:
Dear Pets Alive,
Hi, It is Lily Palmieri again and I just turned 11. Last year when I turned 10, I had a birthday party and I had everyone donate money to Pets Alive instead of getting gifts. Last year I made $250 and this year I made $350. My friends kept giving me more money because they knew I was donating to Pets Alive again. I even told my parents about the Fur Ball on May 22 and they bought tickets because they knew it would give Pets Alive more money.
I wrote an essay about animal abuse and I was surprised of how many animals get abused a year. I am so glad there is a no-kill shelter like Pets Alive. Keep up the good work. I will be donating money to Pets Alive every year. I will be coming up to Pets Alive in the summer with my friends.
P.S. Here’s a picture of all my friends who helped out by donating money to Pets Alive.


All I can say is I’m so glad there are kids like you Lily and like you Evan. YOU keep up the good work. And stay with it. We need you for our future and it’s looking bright with kids like you at the helm.

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