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Pets Alive Sponsorship Program

Become a partner in rescue

An animal rescue organization is built of brick and mortar, and is built of love. Sponsorship is a way to give both of these things. You become our partner in rescue.

1. One-time sponsorships for the Harvest of Hope. The Harvest of Hope is our annual signature fundraising event being held on November 10, 2018. There are different levels of sponsorship for the event - all proceeds are used to care for the animals at Pets Alive. One special sponsorship is the "Sponsor-a-Pet - The Giving Tree". You can sponsor a specific animal that is available for adoption at Pets Alive and donate a $25 one time donation per animal. Sponsor one or more animals! An ornament for each sponsorship will be placed on our Giving Tree at the event along with a tag with your name and the pet's name and picture!

Select the animal(s) you want to sponsor and make your donation as follows:

  • View adoptable animals on our website.
  • Select the type of animal you'd like to sponsor under "Our Wonderful Animals" and peruse the animals available for adoption.
  • Pay for the sponsorship on our Harvest of Hope registration page HERE.
  • There is a space on the registration form where you can indicate the animal(s) you are sponsoring.
  • Don't know who to sponsor? Just indicate so on the registration form where it asks who you'd like to sponsor and we'll select a pet(s) for you.
  • An ornament will be placed on our Giving Tree at the Harvest of Hope event along with a tag with your name and the pet's name and picture!
You can also peruse other levels of general sponsorship on that page as well.

2. Sign up for a monthly, recurring sponsorship for our general Animal Care Fund whereby a specific amount is automatically donated monthly to Pets Alive.
This steady stream of income funds our every day costs: food, medical supplies and treatments, safe and comfortable habitats for the animals and the love and care they receive from our staff and volunteers. Our Monthly Sponsors enjoy an easy way to budget their giving while making a huge impact on our ability to save even more animals from the life threatening situations they face. Every gift saves lives no matter how big or small.

You can select the amount you'd like to donate monthly below.

Select your monthly donation


If you ever decide you no long can make a Monthly Sponsorship, simply unsubscribe by clicking the button below. You can always sign back up again at some point in the future.